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As the winters are approaching nursery planters will face many problems due to the frost and chill in the environment as many plants are not adapted to the chill. So there is a need to protect your beloved plants from the harmful effects of winter. Many commercial plant protectors can be expensive , but there is no need to fear them. Through this blog we’ll explore many cost effective ideas which you can practice at your home. Find plant protectors from the best plant nursery in Indore. 


Frost Cloth Wraps : 

  • Use the breathable fabrics in wrapping the plants which will help them to perform their process like photosynthesis. You can use material like burlap or old bedsheets.
  • Take a cloth and cut them into small pieces which can be managed easily. Buy frost cloth wrap from the best plant nursery in Indore. 
  • By using these small pieces of fabrics  wrap around the delicate plants , securing it with twine.
  • These fabrics will help in insulation and along with this they will provide necessary airflow.


Plastic Bottle Greenhouse :

  • You can use plastic bottles for creating small mini greenhouse, so collect the plastic bottles of various sizes.
  • Cut the bottom of the collected bottle and remove the cap of each of them.
  • Use these bottles by placing the open end over small plants, creating mini greenhouses.
  • These plastic bottles act as a barrier against the chilly winds and frost. Know more about plastic bottle greenhouse from the best plant nursery in Indore. 


Mulch Blankets :

  • During winters mulching is also a very important practice which helps in protecting the plants against frost injury. Collect leaves, straw, and shredded newspaper.
  • Spread the thick layer of these collected materials around the base of plants.
  • This mulch will act as an insulator in protecting roots from the freezing temperatures. Get more info about mulching from the best plant nursery in Indore. 


Cardboard Box Shelters:

  • Use the discarded cardboard in protecting your plants. So collect the sturdy cardboard boxes.
  • Cut the collected sturdy cardboard into desirable sizes and place them over plants.
  • These cardboards will create a temporary shelter for plants by blocking wind and retaining heat.


Homemade Plants Cozies:

  • You can knit or crochet plant coziness by using the old yard or fabric scraps.
  • Use these and slip them over plant containers or directly onto the plant.
  • This will add a layer of warmth and will provide charm to your garden.


Hula Hoop Tunnels:

  • You can also use hula hoops to your plants. Insert these hula hoops into the either side of plant rows.
  • Put a drape of frost cloth or plastic over the hoops.
  • This one hula hoop makeshift tunnel protects multiple plants at once and will save a huge time. Buy a hula hoop tunnel from the best plant nursery in Indore. 


Bubble wrap Insulation:

  • You can recycle  the waste bubble wrap from packages in protecting your plants. 
  • Use these bubble wrap in wrapping plant containers or directly you can wrap around plant stems.
  • These bubble wraps will help in providing insulation against the chilling temperature of winter. Get more info about Bubble wrap Insulation from the best plant nursery in Indore.


Windbreak Fences: 

  • During winters it is very important to save your green tiny ones against the effect of chilly winds, so it’s become a matter of concern to fence your garden or nursery.
  • For fencing you can use old pallets or wooden planks to create a fence around the plants.
  • Use these old pallets and wood planks and place them on the windward side of your garden.

These fencing will reduce the impact of chilling winds on your plants. Know more about Windbreak Fences from the best plant nursery in Indore. 


Terracotta Pot Radiators:

  • You can also use the eco-friendly way to provide insulation to your plants using the terracotta plants.
  • Put small terracotta pots upside down over your plants. At day time these pots absorb sunlight and radiate heat heat at night.


Conclusion :

To protect your plants from chilly winters, it doesn’t need to be an expensive endeavor. You need just a bit of creativity and resourcefulness to craft cost-effective DIY plant protectors that not only protect your garden but also help you to add a personal touch to your winter gardening effects. By following small tips and tricks you will be ended up by Happy Crafting.

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