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Plants require an adequate amount of water throughout the year but their water requirement changes with the season as in winter they require less water as compared to summer due to decrease in temperature . Thus results in low evaporation of water . But it is still very important to hydrate your plants for the well-being of your plants even in cold weather. Through this blog post, we’ll explore various tips that will help you keep your nursery plants healthy. Also get more information about the best plant nursery in Indore. 


  • Know Your Plants: 

Every plant has different needs of water and each plant is fundamental so it is very important to know about their water requirement for every reason. Each variety has different tolerance levels to drought ,cold and moisture . So hydrate them accordingly. Know more about your plants with the help from the best plant nursery in Indore. 


  • Choose the Right Time:

Before giving water to your plants, know the specific time for optimal watering times in winter. Usually morning is considered the best time to water plants during winter as the temperature is milder. Watering plants in the evening during winter is not considered good as it can lead to excess moisture, which can freeze overnight and damage your plants. Get more information about choosing the right time from the best online plant nursery in Indore. 


  • Use Mulch Strategically:

Mulching is usually done to conserve moisture but it isn’t meant for summer. Applying a good layer of mulch around your nursery helps you to conserve moisture and protects them from freezing roots and frost injury. Know mulching techniques from the best online plant nursery in Indore.  


  • Adjust Watering Frequency :

During precipitation occurs at a very slow rate due to snow and rain and these might impact your regular watering schedule. So it is very important to manage your watering schedule according to weather conditions and moisture levels in the soil.


  • Avoid Waterlogged Soil:

Water logging is very common during winter due to excessive water . To avoid this, plan proper drainage in your nursery pots and beds to prevent waterlogged conditions which lead to  the death of plants, root rot and some other diseases. Avoid water logging and know more about it from the best plant nursery in Indore. 


  • Water at the Base:

Make sure to provide water directly to the roots of plants and avoid water upon foliage when possible . During winter wet leaves in cold temperatures can increase the risk of various diseases. Prevent your plants from diseases with the help of the best plant nursery in Indore. 


  • Use Room Temperature Water: 

If possible, provide room temperature water for irrigating your nursery plants during winter.Cold water from outside can shock your water and may lead to stunted growth in plants. Know more about water temperature from the best online plant nursery in Indore. 


  • Monitor Indoor Plants: 

Keep a check if you have a greenhouse or indoor nursery, be vigilant about monitoring the humidity levels and manage them accordingly . Make sure about their proper growth whether they are getting required temperature or water. Moisture needs of your plant can be affected as your indoor heating system can dry out the air.


  • Protect Against Frost: 

During winter it is very crucial to protect your nursery plant from  the frost as it may lead to serious diseases because the  plant is susceptible to frost injury . You  can water your plant before predicted frost can help you insulate them because moist retains heater better than dry soil. Protect your plants from frost with the help from the best plant nursery 


  • Inspect Regularly : 

Regular inspection of the nursery plant is very important because it helps you to manage them in a better way. Analyze each plant closely and look for signs of dehydration or overhydration such as wilting, yellowing leaves, or mold moth growth. Make adjustments to your watering schedule depending upon your observations.



By just changes you can also make your plants glow with greenery even in winters. Watering your plant during winter plays a very crucial role for a healthy nursery. A little extra care during winters can make a big difference in overall growth of your nursery plants and they will be ready to thrive when warmer months return.

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