Zamia (zz) small

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The ZZ plant is a plant with tall, leafy fronds that are a perfect fit for striking interior designs. Caring for it is such an easy feat it’s even been called the plant of steel or cast-iron plant!

Estimated delivery date 2024/05/18


  • Also known as Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, this houseplant is so easy to maintain & tolerates low light. It has dark green leaves giving it attractive. It makes an excellent home & office plant.
  • ZZ plant is a popular NASA recommended air purifier plant that cleans air, fights against polluting gases, and gives fresh oxygen.
  • Easy to Care For & Hard to Kill Indoor Plant – ZZ plant is great choice of plant for beginners to pro gardeners.
  • It’s beautiful foliage & stunning looks make your home more beautiful. An ideal décor option for any room, living room, bedroom and office spaces.
  • Comes in our New Eco-friendly & Safe packaging. No use of plastic materials in the packaging. Made with high quality corrugated cardboard with locks to hold the plant in its place and gap for air flow.

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