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This stylish planter is perfect for brightening any room with its modern design, and the Bello Square Planter is also very versatile and can be used for various plants.

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The decorative series planters are elegant, stable and with great content. The planters are of High quality And one of the best premium wall basket models available in the market. They are easy to install and have a unique soft hanging shape.
1. Application at gardens, Indoor house, Balcony, Building terrace.
2. Available in Eye catching colours & is compact in size so fits easily at your house or Balcony.
3. High Grade Polypropylene Pot / Planter for your home.
4. This planter is light weight and durable
5. They look great in both home and garden settings i.e. if used as Outdoor pots
6. These planters bear high quality and eye-catchy finishes
7. All of our planters are passed through stringent quality check parameters.
8. The outside of the pot offers a matte finish with earthy colours.
9. This pot is very convenient to manage and are easy to hang & is light weight!!
10. 100% Recyclable pots.


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Dimensions20 × 17 × 20 cm

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