Dracena white victoria

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This variety of Dracaena comes in long, tapering leaves alternating in shades of light and dark green, with white, playing on visuals its elegant pattern amidst the green patch of your garden. Easy to maintain and a sure shot heart-winner, this variety is a must to add to adversity in your garden.

Estimated delivery date 2024/05/19


Dracaena plants are types of tropical trees and shrubs that are popular houseplants. Indoor varieties of dracaena thrive in low to bright light and are attractive drought-tolerant plants. Dracaena plants supposedly get their name from the Greek word for female dragon. Because of this fact, dracaena plants are often called dragon plants or trees. Types of dracaena are also called corn plants, cane plants, cornstalk dracaena, mass cane plants, dragon trees, and ribbon plants.

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