Ixora Dwarf

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Also known as Jungle Geraniums, Ixoras are small tropical shrubs that will reward you with beautiful clusters of flowers in bright red with very little care. Perfect for balcony gardens, these hardy plants need full sun and very little space to grow. The flowers bloom in a tight ball like cluster of tiny blooms that attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees with their fragrance.

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Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:From spring to winters, feed every two weeks with a balanced fertiliser. In winters, feed once in 6 weeks. The Ixora loves full sun and a well-ventilated space.
Repotting : Ixora is an easy-going plant and it is sufficient to repot them only when they outgrow their current pot. Prune regularly and use a well-draining potting soil.
Propogation : Propagation of Ixora can be done via stem cuttings. Take a 4 to 5 inch long cutting and remove the lowermost leaves, dip the cut edge in rooting hormone and root in water for 3-4 weeks.

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