Ficus Netted Bonsai


The Ficus benjamina is a true survivor in the word of houseplants and this braided variety adds to its beauty. Carefully hand braided and grown with care to give you an intricate shape that is extremely eye catching. Excellent as an indoor as well as an outdoor plant for balconies and patios, a braided ficus is the conversation starter your home garden needs. Not only a thing of beauty, it also cleans the air in your home.

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Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:Feed your Ficus a balanced houseplant fertiliser monthly from late spring right until fall. Do not fertilise your plant in winters.
Repotting : You will need to repot your Ficus plant every 1 to 2 years as your plant starts getting taller and bigger.
Propagation : The easiest way to propagate your FIcus is by stem cuttings. It is easier to propagate younger green stems, the older stems will need a rooting hormone for a successful propagation.

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