Golden Seedum

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They are golden-green, tufty perennial plant with leaves clustered on thick stems. These chubby cuties grow horizontally rather than vertically and are popularly planted in clusters. In hanging planters they trail down from tufty mounds giving it a fantasy movie like feel. Their foliage is attractively golden making it an eye-candy for anyone looking to add some minimalist plants to their home décor.

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Fertilizer/ feed for the plant:Sedum Golden needs to be fed once in 2 months with a generic houseplant fertiliser.
Repotting : Sedum is a delicate plant and does not be repotted often. When repotting, ensure that the new pot is 1-2 inches larger than the previous pot. For Sedum Golden, the pot needs to have good drainage.
Propagation : Sedum plants can be propagated through seeds and steam cuttings. Propagating them through stem cuttings is the easiest and most popular.

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